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CD: On a Meadowlark Night, by Eric Eid-Reiner

CD: On a Meadowlark Night







Price: $15 plus $2 postage and handling

"Graduate of the Meadowlark Music Camp in Maine, Eid-Reiner is a pianist whose accompanying style veers from Irish piano driving of the '60s to Cape Breton inflections, while his soloing borrows from Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin and Tracey Dares equally.  Musically, the swing of Irish, Canadian, New England and Scottish tunes suggests a rich trawl while the playing is quietly understated and eloquent."

- fRoots Magazine

“Incredible versatility...combined with superb craftsmanship on the keys...

“For sheer poetry, sad and powerful is 'Neil Gow’s Lamentation On The Death Of His Second Wife' (11).  Right here is proof that for artistry you don’t need a symphony orchestra.  I have heard weaker renditions of this, and equal, but never stronger.

“There is a wonderful playing of Dave Richardson’s 'Calliope House' combined with 'Andy DeJarlis’ (6). This illustrates a rule for this album: that the tunes here are rightly combined together, and still manage to be ear catching and exciting. Everything in balance.

“Throughout, from 'Reel de Montreal'/'La Bastingue'/'Old French' to 'Roof For The Rain' this is perhaps one of the best CDs by an acoustic local artist that I’ve heard in a long time.”

- Art Ketchen, Celtic Beat

This CD of dance music from New England, Ireland, Scotland, Québec, and Cape Breton features Eric on piano along with Andy Reiner (fiddle, mandolin), Dave Reiner (fiddle), Ken Kolodner (hammered dulcimer), Kimberly Fraser (fiddle, feet), Anna Grosslein (flute), Billy Novick (clarinet), and Will Lydgate (bass).

1. Relevé (Eric Eid-Reiner) / The Puppeteer (Keith Murphy) / A Poke and a Tickle (Eric Eid-Reiner)
2. Rannie MacLellan's (Brenda Stubbert) / Union Street Session (Paul Cranford) / Wake Up to Cape Breton (Brenda Stubbert) / Hull's (John Morris Rankin)
3. Forgotten Fantasy (Anna Grosslein) / The Room (Adam Waickman) / The Lemon Walk (Anna Grosslein)
4. Trip to Herve's (Michael McGoldrick) / Farral O'Gara / Le Gadilederot (Jean Duval)
5. Waltz of the Floating Bridge (Jeremiah McLane)
6. Calliope House (Dave Richardson) / Andy DeJarlis'
7. Path to the Belfry (Eric Eid-Reiner)
8. Reel de Montréal / La Bastringue / Old French
9. Kevin Keegan's #1 / North Carolina Breakdown (L. Arthur Smith)
10. Mariposa (Jeremiah McLane) / Reel Africain (Jean-Claude Mirandette) / Sweet Grandmother's Spatula (Hanneke Cassel)
11. Neil Gow's Lamentation for the Death of His Second Wife (Neil Gow)
12. Journey to the Heartland (Ken Kolodner) / The Flying Tent (Keith Murphy)
13. On a Meadowlark Night (Eric Eid-Reiner)
14. Roof for the Rain (Ken Kolodner) / Lady of the Lake / Shenandoah Falls
15. I Lost My Love / The Wild One! (Mer Boel) / Up on the Brow (Keith Murphy)
16. Sayre (Eric Eid-Reiner)
17. The Salvation (Simon Bradley) / The Reconciliation / Frank's Reel (John McCusker)

CD: Grand Tour: Traditional Music on Piano, by Eric Eid-Reiner

CD: Grand Tour: Traditional Music on Piano
Price: $15 plus $2 postage and handling

"Also from Massachusetts is pianist Eric Eid-Reiner, who has studied with Jacqueline Schwab and several other veterans of the New England folk-dance scene, and, based on his debut recording Grand Tour: Traditional Music on Piano, he's been a good student.  This is a melodic, gracefully played collection of slow and midtempo piano instrumentals, many with fiddle joining in, drawn from sources as diverse as Turlough O'Carolan, Phil Cunningham, and Thelonious Monk, as well as a number of New England dance-music composers.  There's a strong Scottish/Irish flavor, but Eid-Reiner also ably touches on jazz, ragtime, and Jewish liturgical music."

- Tom Nelligan, Dirty Linen Magazine (folk and world music)

Eric plays a variety of great tunes and medleys on piano, in styles ranging from Cape Breton, Irish, Norwegian and oldtime to ragtime, jazz, Jewish and modern folk. Dave and Andy join in on fiddle, including several twin fiddle tunes. Don't miss Eric's original composition, The Fiddle Bottle Waltz.

1. Inisheer (Thomas Walsh)
2. The Golden Tooth (Phil Cunningham) / Aidan's Waltz (Keith Murphy) / The Farewell (William Marshall) / The Brewer Lad / The Popcorn / MacArthur Road (Dave Richardson) / Charlie Hardie's Reel (James Scott Skinner)
3. Eternal Friendship (Phil Cunningham) / Angeline the Baker
4. Tennessee Waltz (Pee Wee King and Redd Stewart) / Athol Highlanders / Fiddler's Challenge (Eric Eid-Reiner) / Miller's Reel / Devil's Dream
5. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (Josef Zawinul, Larry Williams, and Johnny Watson)
6. Ragtime Annie / Liberty Two-Step / Slider's Reel (David Reiner) / Fisher's Hornpipe
7. Fiddle Bottle Waltz (Eric Eid-Reiner)
8. Colonel O'Hara (Turlough O'Carolan)
9. The Entertainer (Scott Joplin)
10. Boda Waltz / The Butterfly / The Fading Light (Keith Murphy) / Canyon Jig (David Reiner) / McBride's (Donal Lunny and Declan Sinott)
11. Ma Tovu (Hebrew Liturgy, Jeff Klepper)
12. Ask Me Now (Thelonious Monk)
13. Jousting in the Fens (Andy Reiner)
14. Oseh Shalom (Hebrew Liturgy, Steve Dropkin) / Oseh Shalom (Hebrew Liturgy, Debbie Friedman)
15. Hökpers Vals (Lars Hökpers; harmony by John Chambers)
16. Soul of the Limestone Rock (Jeremiah McLane with Keith Murphy)
17. Funky 105 (Alasdair Fraser) / Barter's Hill (Keith Murphy) / Lively Steps (Jerry Holland) / The Honorable Mrs. Graham of Balgowan (Daniel Dow)
18. Over the Ice (Keith Murphy) / Blue Bonnets Over the Border
19. Ghost (Peter Anick and David Reiner)
20. Daughter's Eyes (Christopher Williams)
21. Sally Ann



CD: Elasticity, by The Moving Violations

Price: $15 plus $2 postage and handling

"There are so many facets to the influences portrayed in Elasticity, the latest release from The Moving Violations, however the focus for these players is on the contra dance flow and this album has this in abundance.  Eric Eid–Reiner, Chuck Coman, Ron Grosslein and Van Kaynor are the instrumentalists featured on Elasticity and the Western Massachusetts based ensemble showcase the contra music that attracts a multitude of whirling feet at their dances with regular ease.

"Elasticity is an apt title for the sixteen tracks of dance music as the eclectic parameters are blurred when the piano begins to weave through the strings on a journey that defies all but the core tune structure. Its brilliance is in the fact that even though the tunes freestyle to the contra beat, each instrument is in tune with the collective mood resulting in a hypnotic sound.

"Compositions of originality from most members of the group are included with special mentions for Corman’s Hijaz Waltz and Eid–Reiner’s Westminster Ave. Chaos which showcase the group’s inventiveness. The more familiar Volcanic Jig from Natalie MacMaster and Niall Vallely’s Nina’s Jig get an outing under The Moving Violations' distinct interpretation. A standout though is the soothing tonal qualities of the strings with a delicate piano on Eid–Reiner’s composition, Fiddle Bottle Waltz.

"These guys epitomise contra music and are not afraid to explore the parameters of this type of music whilst keeping it within the foot tapping framework of the dance."

- Eileen McCabe, Irish Music Magazine

Just released in 2014, "Elasticity" showcases the playful energy, driving double fiddles, and strong rhythm of The Moving Violations.  The band is: Ron Grosslein (fiddle, mandolin), Van Kaynor (fiddle), Eric Eid-Reiner (piano), and Chuck Corman (bass, guitar, percussion).  There are a few Swedish dance tunes on this lively CD, along with many reels, jigs, and waltzes.  The band's repertoire is unique and includes many original tunes by band members and other composers with Irish, New England, Eastern European, swing, and classical influences.

1. 18th Anniversary Jig (Van Kaynor) / Gondolin (Noah VanNorstrand) / Gâteau Nappé (Van Kaynor)
2. B3 (Keith Murphy) / Small Fox, Big Field (Eric Eid-Reiner)
3. Hijaz Waltz (Chuck Corman)
4. Bobe's Pepper (Chuck Corman) / Idiochromatic (Erik Hoffman) / Clever Hans (Timm Triplett)
5. High Tide (Van Kaynor)
6. Dancing Vivaldi (arr. Van Kaynor) / The Skater (Leahy)
7. La Partida
8. Hilda's Jig (Van Kaynor) / Elasticity (Van Kaynor)
9. Doo Wop Jig (Dan Elias) / Jipsy Jig (Dan Elias)
10. Uppsalapolskan
11. Fiddling Around / Beaumont Rag
12. Moon Over Rexville (Dave Bartley) / Westminster Ave. Chaos (Eric Eid-Reiner)
13. North Mountain Pols (Van Kaynor)
14. Over the Causeway (Susan Conger) / Volcanic Jig (Natalie MacMaster) / Lowdown Hoedown (Larry Unger)
15. Fiddle Bottle Waltz (Eric Eid-Reiner)
16. Rakes of Kildare / Nina's Jig (Niall Vallely)

CD: Matching Orange (self-titled)

Price: $15 plus $2 postage and handling

"Matching Orange is one of the most inventive and talented bands in New England.  It's a tremendous pleasure to see and hear such an accomplished collection of individual musicians with such flair and creativity.  I expect we'll all have the benefit of looking back and saying we knew about this group from the beginning...join the club!"

- Mark Sustic, Director of Young Tradition Vermont & Founder of the Champlain Valley Folk Festival

Matching Orange is thrilled to have released its debut CD in 2011. The trio of Eric Eid-Reiner (piano), Eric McDonald (mandolin, guitar, vocals), and Brendan Carey Block (fiddle), plays music from New England, Ireland, Scotland, Cape Breton, and Appalachia. Popular at contra dances and in concert, Matching Orange creates swirling levels of intensity, sometimes gritty, sometimes pure, and always engaging.

1. Old Favorite / Banks of Lough Gowna / All the Rage (Larry Unger)
2. Pretty Fair Maid / Farral O'Gara
3. Soft Shuffle (Eric McDonald) / Trip to Herve's (Michael McGoldrick)
4. Sovay, the Female Highwayman
5. Path to the Belfry (Eric Eid-Reiner)
6. Reel des Menterries (Normand Miron) / Reel de Boucherville (Alfred Montmarquette)
7. I Wish My Baby Was Born
8. Ross's Reel #4 / F Reel (Brendan Carey Block) / Reichswall Forest (Dan R. MacDonald)
9. Key to the Cellar / The Blacksmith
10. Russell Road (Eric McDonald) / Bm Reel (Brendan Carey Block)

2-CD Set: 52 Traditional Tunes from Fiddle Hell, Played Fast and Slow, by the Reiner Family Band

Price: $15 plus $2 postage and handling

A tune for every week of the year! Each tune from the Fiddle Hell Common Tune List is played both up-tempo and slowly. Includes reels, jigs, waltzes, hornpipes, and airs from Southern, Northern, Irish, Scottish, Canadian, and other traditional tune fiddle styles.

This will help you prepare for Fiddle Hell -- an annual gathering of fiddlers in Groton, Massachusetts -- or learn the tunes even if you can't make it this year. Order a copy for yourself and for a friend or family member, and you can learn the same tunes to play next time you're together.

Digital downloads (including cover art and liner notes) are also available for $15.

What fiddlers are saying:

Jean: “Just wanted to tell you the CD is great! Even knowing a lot of the tunes, I love hearing a variation and the backup as well! Fabulous job putting it together. In fact, I'm going to be ordering a few more from you to give as gifts to friends.”

Mat: “The playing is good, precise and done with a light touch... good teachin' material. The tempos of the band tracks are the kind you'd hear at a festival or dance; no pussyfooting… I'm happy. This is some decent tutelage and motivation to learn a tune a week. To the woodshed...”

Tom: “Even if it takes the rest of my life to learn all these tunes each Fiddle Hell will be better because of it... This is a great resource and well worth the price!”

Laquetta: “It is easy to hear the melody in both slow and fast versions… For the first time ever, I’m actually learning by ear and not frantically searching the Internet for a version of the sheet music that more or less matches the version of the tune I’m trying to learn… I really liked your slow versions. In the few days I’ve had the CDs, I’ve probably learned more about good playing techniques than I have in the year I’ve been learning… I can hear when you hammer on, pick up a string an octave below for resonance, or do slides or grace notes and the all the various things that add texture but can’t be heard at “full” slow speed. I can hear some of how the bow is used to create the effects. This is all stuff I’ve read about, but never really experienced. It’s been a real eye-opener.”

CD: Reiner Family Band Live!

CD: Reiner Family Band Live!
Price: $15 plus $2 postage and handling

Recorded live at Codman Farms, Lincoln, MA, this CD sounds just like us! Bluegrass, oldtime, Irish, swing, and more. Guaranteed to get your toes tapping!

1. Over the Waterfall / Soldier's Joy
2. Road to Lisdoonvarna / Irish Washerwoman / Swallowtail Jig / Ten Penny Bit
3. Way Downtown
4. Star of the County Down / Jennie's Chickens / The Gravel Walk
5. Jambalaya / Prairie Grass Two Step
6. Boatsman / June Apple / Old Joe Clark
7. The Holy Land / Call to Dance
8. Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue
9. Ebba Polka / Redwing
10. Turkey in the Straw / Golden Slippers
11. Gone, Gone, Gone
12. Cherokee Shuffle / Big Sandy River / Devil's Dream
13. I'm an Old Cowhand
14. Red-Haired Boy / Julia Delaney's / Tam Lin / Music for a Found Harmonium
15. Footprints in the Snow
16. Ouzel Falls / Wizard's Walk
17. Slider's Reel / Ragtime Annie / Whiskey Before Breakfast

Book: Fiddle Bottle Waltz - Original Tunes by Eric Eid-Reiner

img_8432 - tunebook cover edited on
Price: $10 plus $1.50 postage and handling

Published in 2011, this tunebook is filled with tunes that can be variously categorized as being in the New England, Irish, or Cape Breton style.  In most of Eric's tunes, these musical traditions are quite evident albeit with sometimes a modern tilt.  A few in the book are especially funky and diverge further from tradition.

The book includes a plethora of fun tunes that work great for contra dancing -- many jigs and reels, along with several waltzes and airs, a march, a rag, and a tune in 7/8!  The tunes are written out in standard notation (treble clef) and chords are provided.





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Celtic Beat Says

"...Eric Eid-Reiner is a genius by virtue of his knowledge, a craftsman supreme by his playing, and an artist by his understanding. Of a musical family, he certainly must have absorbed an enormous amount in his formative years."

- Art Ketchen
Celtic Beat Magazine